Autism experience

evaluation of the impact of an online autism experience session

Would you like to put yourself into the shoes of an autistic individual? Non-autistic individuals can read and learn about autism, but what it feels like to be autistic is a different matter. During the online autism experience session, you can learn about how autistic individuals experience the world through the use of different tasks. The experiences are supplemented with real stories of autistic individuals. These widely accessible autism experience sessions are organized by the Flemish Autism Association.

What? An online autism experience session is a one-off meeting with experiental methods and testimonials of autistic individuals

For whom? For everyone who wants to learn about how autistic individuals experience the world

Why? To offer a different view on autism and to give autistic individuals more chances to be themselves in society

What is the research about?

How satisfied are the participants with the online experience session?
Through an online survey we ask participants how satisfied they are with the form and content of the online experience session.

What impact does an online autism experience session have on the participants?
Through an online survey and online interviews with the participants, we aim to examine whether an autism experience session has an impact on: their knowledge about autism, their attitudes towards autistic individuals and their behavior in everyday life in interaction with autistic individuals.


We made an infographic on the results of this study. If you want to know more, you can read the summary. 

In collaboration with

Vlaamse Vereniging Autisme
Ruth Raymaekers, Frie Horemans en Els De Bruycker

Contact person ACCA
Jarymke Maljaars