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evaluation of career coaching for autistic individuals

Research shows that a large proportion of autistic adults still fail to find and keep a job. The search for work remains a major challenge for many autistic individuals, despite their knowledge, skills and talents. Therefore, professional support that focuses on the strengths of a person and the application of an individual approach may be necessary. Within emino, many autistic adults are supported in their search for a job by experienced career coaches every year.

What? Individually adapted career coaching using the ‘Talent Counts Toolkit’.

For whom? Autistic individuals looking for a job

Why? To lead more autistic individuals to the general labour market and to offer a workplace with opportunities to further develop their talents

What is the research about?

What is the impact of career coaching for autistic individuals?
Through the evaluation of the career coaching trajectories of autistic individuals, we investigate to what extent career coaching leads to finding and keeping a suitable job. We also want to know how satisfied the employees are with their job. In addition, we examine whether the trajectory and the job (if any) also influence the general well-being of autistic individuals.

How can we offer individualized career coaching for autistic individuals?
Through focus groups with career coaches, we map out how the trajectories can be individualized as effectively as possible. We examine which role the ‘Talent Counts Toolkit’ can play in career coaching and which other tools can be used.

What is needed in the workplace?
We will interview employers from different organizations in Flanders where autistic individuals are employed to gain more insight into the ways they make use of the talents of autistic individuals.

World Autism Awareness Day

In the context of World Autism Awareness Day 2022, we wanted to focus on the theme of ‘work’ in collaboration with several organizations. There are many myths and prejudices about autism in the workplace. We, therefore, collected common prejudices with the aim of debunking them. For this purpose, we talked to various autistic individuals.

In collaboration with

Alain Rigaux, Aurélie Smets, Elke Janssens

De Stip
Ann Keuleers

Contact person ACCA
Jarymke Maljaars